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  • When the most important source
    of inspiration is nature herself
  • Aim is not to change the wood, but its refinement,
    highlighting the natural beaut

Current trends in interior design requires the floor to be compatible part of the arrangement according to intended style and convention. Precise classification and high-technology assures wide range of finishing of natural wood to achieve desirable character. Brushed, bevelled, stained, smoked or thermo processed. FINISHPARKIET enables perfect matching the final expression of the floor to individual needs.


According to latest trends, brushing (wood combing) gives visual effect of deliberate aging which refers to tradition in which old floor gains additional value through its visible mark of the passage of time. „Combing” the soft structure and leaving the heartwood underlines the natural structure of wood-graining and texture. Additionaly, brushing makes eventual traces of use much lessvisible. Brushing wood floor perfectly harmonizes with rustical, intentionally altering, shabby chic arrangement and also, as contrast combination, with modern style. Brushing is usually accompanied by other surface treatment , like oilwaxing and four bevelling of edges.


Wide range of staining options, from the brightest white to dark, carbonic colour, allow to obtain perfect tint of wood floor. Wood stain may be used to enhance the natural wood structure and its colour or lead to new quality. As opposed to thermo or smoked product, staining gives only surficial colour and the renovation process (scraping) will be back to natural colour of wood material. (There is possibility to re-use the same stain or new one.)


FINISHPARKIET gives two options of bevelling the edges, 2-side bevelling and 4-side bevelling.

Bevelling of 2-side relates to two longer edges of the element, which ensures the effect of longer floor and a whole room. This is reference to old tradition of long, solid elements of real wood.

Bevelling of 4-side gives the floor expressive character. Every element is separated and marked which highlights the real, natural construction
of the floor.


Thermo process makes the wood more resistant to water, damp and biological degradation. It consists in modification of wood by high temperature and steam which leads to getting new features and dark colour, similar to exotic species.

This process reduces water absorption, eliminates development of fungi and bacterium and gives better stability. It is completely ecological process, that provides uniform colour in the entire section of the material. (There is possibility to use a stain after the restoration or keep thermo colour.)


This process gives the wood dark colour by chemical treatment (the action of ammonia in gaseous form at high pressure). In contrary to stain, which is only surficial, smoking changes colour of entire element (like thermo process). The colour remains the same after renovation, but there is possibility to change it by using the stain.